Saturday, November 12, 2005

In Unum Luceant: A message for Umuahians

Some months ago, I set up the Yahoo! group Umuahians for the Old Boys of Government College Umuahia to come together and eat e-Pampam, e-bonzuna and drink some e-kwokwo. It does not matter whether you were a White Shirt or a Black Shirt, it does not matter whether you ragged for mmanu and was never annointed, or whether you did a period of detention or did too many runs, even if you were a Bell Fag or a Crimgbo, and did not like your Magi too much. Let us come together and rub minds in cyberspace. 2009 will be 80 years since Rev Robert Fisher founded that school. We have to give something back. Let's talk about this at

Azuonye, N
Nile House
Class of '83

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