Sunday, March 29, 2009


After he has worn himself out
Climbing and jumping down
From the now emptied out display unit
Diving without care from the dining chair
Bouncing up and down on the sofa
Overdosing on Handy Manny
And the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
All that is left is a log on the carpet
Unbelievably handsome…The gentle
sound of his breathing haunts the air
like a tune from a faraway flute
Then pride, a pride I cannot describe
ascends a throne in my heart.

- Nnorom Azuonye

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Just to remind all poets in the group yet to enter the Diversity House (Excel for Charity) International Poetry Competition that the deadline is 31 March, 2009.
Judge: Geoff Stevens
Prizes: 1st £150.00, 2nd £75.00, 3rd £35.00
Highly Commended Entries: Subject to quality of entries, an anthology of the best 48 - 64 poems edited by Geoff Stevens (Editor of Purple Patch magazine) and Nnorom Azuonye (Editor of Sentinel Literary Quarterly) is a possibility. Authors included will receive a free contributor's copy.
Entry Fees: £3.00 (single entry, enter as many as you want), £12.00 for 5 poems.
Entry methods: By post or e-mail (suitable for international entrants, pay fees by paypal)
For more information please go to: