Monday, December 21, 2009


Mugs of coffee hot on my lips
Radiator set to the maximum
Doors and windows firmly shut
To keep the chill out
To think that now at Isuikwuato
Doors and windows may be open
Palm Wine and Deer kind on tongue
It's man bonding with nature
Now tell me where is the sanity
In leaving sunshine and its warmth
In leaving that buzz of the village square
to come and live in a freezer
Damn! I'm going home someday
Good or bad to Isuikwuato
Where the world is sweet
And it's all mine, at Isuikwuato
Where the hunting knives
Their blades aglint
I want to see the sun rise
Over the hills and the palms
It is the only world I know
Where I'd like to walk on sand
And not on cold mounds of snow.


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