Tuesday, July 26, 2011

About my Facebook holiday

I recently decided to take a holiday from Facebook and Twitter until the end of July. I also turned off the Twitter, Whatsapp and Facebook apps from my phone and disabled my Skype. I reckoned I could still carry on blogging if need be, like I did on the unfortunate death of Amy Winehouse. What I forgot was that my blogs were networked, and Networked Blogs would always deliver every blog post to Facebook and Twitter. So even though I have been on holiday, Networked Blogs have undermined my holiday and many friends have written accusing me of being a Facebook and Twitter addict. I ain’t no FB addict. Well, I know this post will be sent directly to FB and Twitter, but that’s to reassure you, my buddies, that I have not fallen off the wagon so to say. Be cool and enjoy yourselves.

Meanwhile, check out the Sentinel website. Do you like it? Do you like it or do you like it? Lemme know. www.sentinelpoetry.org.uk

Big Rommy with a plan.

Sentinel ArtVentures: Amy Winehouse goes too soon.

Sentinel ArtVentures: Amy Winehouse goes too soon.: "Technorati Tags: amy winehouse , nnorom Azuonye , afam akeh , michael jackson , edward furlong , drugs , alcohol abuse , amy winehouse goes..."