Sunday, August 28, 2005

website & blog updates

In the past two days I have been updating, trying to give my visitors more content.

I've reposted "Purple Hibiscus: A Love Story To Nsukka" a review of Adichie's novel by Molara Wood. Go to Purple Hibiscus.

As you probably know, if you follow Nigerian literature, Unoma Azuah's new novel "Sky-High Flames" was released this year by Publish America. I have put some info about the book up and really look forward to a review. If you can write a review of this book, I will be happy to publish it. See Sky-High Flames

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Nnorom Azuonye


  1. i'm wondering where the nigerian writers are...

    biafra krunk

  2. i meant nigerian women writers

  3. Your message is unclear. What do you mean by wondering where they are?