Sunday, August 28, 2005

Nnorom Azuonye

Nnorom O. Azuonye

Born in the Republic of Biafra on July 12, 1967. I have held a Nigerian passport since July 1981.

After my primary school education at Mgbelu Umunnekwu Community School, Isuikwuato, Nigeria (1978), I attended Acha Boys Secondary Technical School, Isuikwuato (1979), before going on to Government College Umuahia (1983). In 1986 a Summer break in London turned into a 1-year A'Levels programme in Sociology, Government & Politics and English (Literature) at Capital College, London (1987), after which I returned to Nigeria and trained for an honours degree in Dramatic Arts at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, graduating in 1990 winning the Academic Prize for Best Graduating Student (Dramatic Arts) that year.

I have had a chequered working life from my student days till present as an Actor with roles including Forest Head in Wole Soyinka's A Dance Of The Forests, Chief Isokipiri Erekosima in Esiaba Irobi's Hangmen Also Die, German Officer in Ebrahim Hussein's Kinjeketile, Dr Egbunike in Nnamdi Ndu's Scars That Mar, and Sergeant in Femi Osofisan's Once Upon Four Robbers. I directed Maama by Kwesi Kay (1989), and Childe Internationale by Wole Soyinka(1990).

In 2002 I founded the Sentinel Poetry Movement and have been the movement's Administrator since then. I edited Sentinel Poetry (Online) magazine December 2002 - February 2005, and have edited Sentinel Poetry Quarterly since July 2004. I remain Managing Editor of Sentinel Poetry (Online).

My publications include Letter To God & Other Poems (2003), and The Bridge Selection: Poems For The Road (2005). My short fiction, essays, interviews and poetry have appeared in several international journals and anthologies, notably; Mindfire Renew, Drumvoices Revue, Eclectica Magazine, The Muse Apprentice Guild, Orbis, Olongo, Agenda, Keystone, World Haiku Review, and For The Love Of God (2004) among others.

In 2005 I established Eastern Light EPM International - an Entertainment, Publishing and Marketing outfit.

I live in England with my wife Amaka, my son Arinze and my daughter Nwachi.


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  3. Are u from Mgbelu umunnekwu???