Monday, February 27, 2006

Kola Boof to lauch 'Proof' magazine

In a recent release by Sudanese womanist poet, Kola Boof, she announced that on Friday, March 3, 2006, she would be launching a new magazine 'Proof',

Here is her release in full:

PROOF Magazine

a new online journal for authentic black people (and those who respect authentic black people).

The debut edition will explain EXACTLY...what is "authentically" black, in detail, from an African perspective. We will no longer accept the U.S. slave master's definition.

After so many generations of blatant exclusion of the darkest among us--and after being disgusted by the niggeris self-hate promoted by BET...I decided to launch PROOF.

There will be a salute to Octavia Butler and a report on today's Black Egyptians.

The legendary Nigerian Scholar Chinweizu just gave a lecture in LAGOS about the future of the black people--it caused quite a stir--and he is allowing me to reprint the entire lecture for my debut edition.

For those who don't realize it, Chinweizu is like the Cornel West of Western Africa.

A very controversial figure whose only peers are his good friend Chinua Achebe...and his faux enemy, Nobel Prize winner Wole Soyinka.

Chinweizu wrote the classic book "The West and the Rest of Us", which was edited by Toni Morrison.

Although I consider Chinweizu to be decadently sexist and outrageously homophobic....I do agree with the Lagos newspaper that claimed: "if we could set Chinweizu as King and Kola Boof as Queen, therein would lie the balance of a perfect mother and father for the African people."

There will be regular articles by myself, poetry, short stories, depictions of black love via photos, love for black children, public commentary....

Black Masculinity, Womanism and all forms of sexuality will converge and be represented...

...and the purpose of "PROOF" will be to provide clarity and messages of self-esteem and set a "new revolution" for authentic blacks (those of us who love all human beings, but don't want to become mulatto or mixed race, which is what America forces upon black people).

Eventually...this will become a print MAGAZINE, very similar to JET...but much more substantial in content and featuring beautiful blackentric people with natural African hair on the covers.


You can now read proof magazine at

Monday, February 20, 2006

The Poet's Letter Poetry Readings & Festival

Poet's Letter Poetry And Live Music Performance13th March, 2006

I shall be reading from "The Bridge Selection" on Monday, March 13, 2006, 7pm at The Poetry Cafe, Covent Garden, London. Sharing the evening with Todd Swift, Philip
Ruthen, Munayem Mayenin, and Johnny Vallon.

The Poet's Letter Second Poetry London Festival
August 14th, 2006

Venue: The Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts.

for moew informaion, visit


Sunday, February 05, 2006

To Iraq

At this decisive point
of a climacteric epoch
when from above the stars
God beamed with infinite relish
festively at his dateless feat
an ill wind blew across your open face, Iraq,
from the desert of the West,
and kept you brooding in a wilderness
exposed to too much light,
no scrap of cloth
to veil your nakedness.

- Kodi Azuonye

Copyright: Kodi Azuonye 2004

A Word A Day

I recently came upon a beautiful service from
It is called Word Of The Day - a mailing list service that delivers a new word directly to your inbox everyday.

Each word is well defined and is shown to you in action by way of example sentences in which they word appears. I have found this free service extremely helpful in reinforcing my word power.

Obviously, you may receive words you already know, but you will be pleased with the occasional rare gem. You may also find some words you always thought you knew, only to discover you had the wrong meaning all along. If however you learn a brand new word everyday, you'd be 365 words better off in a year and 3,650 words better off in 10 years.

Join, learn and enjoy.

To subscribe, send a blank message to:

Best of luck and love to you this Sunday morning.


Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Call For Submissions: Poetry, Prose, Art

This page to be constantly updated.


The April 2006 issue of Poetry Monthly will mark the 10th Anniversary
of Poetry Monthly, founded and edited by Martin Holroyd.
The editor is looking to do a special issue dedicated to 'Youth and Spring'.
Please submit poems or graphics exploring that the theme, specifying in your cover letter that you are submitting to the April Issue.

Deadline for Submissions is the 10th of March 2006.
Send to:
Martin Holroyd
Poetry Monthly
39 Cavendish Road
Long Eaton
NG10 4HY
United Kingdom.

E-mail submissions to
Payment: 1 complimentary copy of the magazine.



Art from the margins. Against the proliferation and consumption of pointless objects. A new magazine for art, poetry, prose, comment with a political edge open to submissions.

deficit is a collaborative effort. It is to function as a vehicle for as yet unseen works of contemporary art and literature. All works contained herein are chosen for their appropriate attributes that lend themselves to being presented in this format. All works co-habit the formal tabula rasa that is the body of deficit and therefore decide its aesthetic. All works will have a strong political and theoretical tone. The number of artists involved in any one edition of deficit is not restricted. deficit is self-funding. All guidelines are open to interpretation within the strict guidelines. For more details contact /