Monday, December 31, 2007

Greetings for the year 2008

He who began a good work in you

He who began a good work in you
He who began a good work in you
Will be faithful to complete it
He'll be faithful to complete it
He who started the work
Will be faithful to complete it in you

If the struggle you're facing
Is slowly replacing
Your hope with despair
Or the process is long
And you're losing your song
In the night you can be sure
That the Lord has His hand on you
Safe and secure
He will never abandon you
You are His treasure
And He finds His pleasure in you

by Steve Green

With hearts full of gratitude and praise to the Almighty God
With hearts full of joy and appreciation to our friends
With hearts full of fraternal love for every member of the human family
We wish you the best in everything you do in 2008
All your wishes will fruit and fruit abundantly
You will have physical, emotional, spiritual, and material prosperity.
Happy New Year

Arinze, Amaka and Nnorom Azuonye

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Sentinel Poetry (Online) #60 December 2007

Issue #60, Sentinel Poetry (Online) went live on Christmas Day. This is the 5th Anniversary issue of our magazine and features Guest Poet Andy Willoughby author of Tough and The Wrong California. Other poets in this issue include Amy Licence, Pita Okute, Terence Doyle, Tatiana Pahlen, and Julia Edgell. Cartoons are by Tatiana Pahlen. There is also the The interview, 'Steel Tough, Even Now' with Andy Willoughby. Edited by Nnorom Azuonye
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Outcasts and Postcards from London

In the last publication of my poetry in 2007, the holiday issue of African Writing features two of my poems "Outcasts" and "Postcards from London"
African Writing


Friday, December 28, 2007

Another year ends with another big death

I am yet to read anything that does not say Saddam Hussein was a beast with his heart somewhere in the back. Tales abound of thousands of people he killed, or ordered their deaths, or were killed in his name. 30th December, 2006, just over three years after the American-British invasion of Iraq, the brutal dictator kept his date with the hangman. As a human being respectful of human life and sickened by the deaths at Hussein's hands, if the allegations were indeed true, I should have been unperturbed by his death. As a human being fundamentally against capital punishment, a nice-sounding tag for murder by the state, I was saddened by his passing, especially by the way he was paraded on television as he stepped up to the hangman's noose.

Fastforward to 27th December 2007. Benazir Bhutto is gunned down. It is difficult to decide what to mourn about Benazir. The Political animal. The beautiful woman. The beacon of progress of segments of the Pakistani world. The naive muslim who believed that Islam forbids attacks on women. Maybe if she did not believe that stuff, she would not have gone back to Pakistan and might still be alive today. This is totally academic. The woman is gone, and I am surprised at the sadness I feel about her death. Still I applaud the courage with which she lived her life and faced her ultimate destiny. You may have seen her interview with The Sunday Times in April 2007 when she was questioned about the danger to her if she returned to Pakistan and she said simply, "I don't worry about it. If it's time to go, it is time to go."

It was time to go yesterday. I just hope that the ordinary people of Pakistan will understand that it does not have to be time for them to go on account of Benazir and go killing each other in the streets. There have already been anough deaths in Pakistan since her return. Let them give life a chance as we approach the threshhold of another year.

Nnorom Azuonye

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Monday, December 03, 2007

domain recovered

I first launched in 2000 and ran the website until last year, when somebody in the United States grabbed my name during an administrative hiccup with my then hosts. The gentleman, having parked the domain unprofitably for more than a year finally released my name back to me last week. I am now in the process of relaunching the site sometime in January 2008. You can see the development by visiting or