Tuesday, December 17, 2013

TV goes dry just before Christmas

I am struggling to find something interesting to fill out my small TV time over Christmas. In the past week the three programmes I have thoroughly enjoyed over the past few months have suddenly ended their seasons’ runs.

REVOLUTION: Season 2 of Revolution – the post-apocalyptic sci-fi series that began with a mysterious blackout maintained the drama, mystery and unpredictability of the first season. This time the nanotechs are alive and kicking and burning Aaron Pittman’s enemies. Miles Matheson, Charlie Matheson and Munroe get to fight on the same side. At the end of this season the nanos leave Pittman and I hope not for good.  The battle for America will continue, but who will inherit the land? It is really not clear who is for or against America. The Patriots are a bunch of homicidal beasts. I just can’t wait for the return of this excellent series in March 2014 so they can sort of some of the conflicts raised..

SLEEPY HOLLOW: From the moment Ichabod Crane work up from his over two centuries’ rest I knew this was going to be something else and Sleepy Hollow did not disappoint with its beautiful mix of comedy, horror, mystery, history and myth. I am a sucker for this kind of story and love it when good triumphs over evil, and there is a lot of evil to overcome in Sleepy Hollow.

GRACELAND: In this series that sees law enforcement agents from various agencies housed in a beach house is full of twists, and subterfuge. Straight out of Quantico Mike is planted in Graceland to investigate Paul Briggs who is suspected to be a dirty agent breaking all the rules and in fact for killing fellow agents in an earlier house. At the end of this tense and violent season, Paul Briggs as dirty as dirty can be is made temporarily righteous and Mike goes to DC. Graceland is not burnt and will return in twenty fourteen. I suspect Mike will return to Graceland and Odin will be unmasked. I can’t wait.

Now you know the kind of stuff I enjoy, why not suggest something I can watch this season.

Merry Christmas


Wednesday, December 04, 2013


We have put aside everything else to focus the next seven days on Sentinel publications. Our scheduling has been a right mess lately to be quite honest. Therefore over the next 7 days, we will be working with our distributors to ensure that all books and magazines ordered are on their way to the buyers. We shall also be pushing our Christmas special offers.


We are truly humbled by the fact that despite the delay in publishing Sentinel Literary Quarterly, subscriptions have continued to come in from the UK, the United States and especially South Africa. We can't let down such faith people have in Sentinel. We appreciate the overwhelming support we have continued to receive.


So far today we have dispatched many copies of "The Genesis of Falcon", "First Flame" - the short fiction collection by Bruce Harris, and various back issues of Sentinel Literary Quarterly, and Sentinel Champions. If you are waiting for your order, we will get to it inside this focus week and dispatch it.


If you have any queries please shoot them in. We can guarantee a reply within 24 hours - not the 72 hours our mail confirmation says.


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All of these emails are manned. Sandra, Jacob and I are standing by to deal with any issues.


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All the best

Nnorom Azuonye

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