Sunday, February 05, 2006

A Word A Day

I recently came upon a beautiful service from
It is called Word Of The Day - a mailing list service that delivers a new word directly to your inbox everyday.

Each word is well defined and is shown to you in action by way of example sentences in which they word appears. I have found this free service extremely helpful in reinforcing my word power.

Obviously, you may receive words you already know, but you will be pleased with the occasional rare gem. You may also find some words you always thought you knew, only to discover you had the wrong meaning all along. If however you learn a brand new word everyday, you'd be 365 words better off in a year and 3,650 words better off in 10 years.

Join, learn and enjoy.

To subscribe, send a blank message to:

Best of luck and love to you this Sunday morning.


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