Friday, September 28, 2012

O Lord won’t you buy me an iPhone 5?


My mobile life is in crisis.

Since Orange merged with T-mobile, the signal in my area, on my primary cellphone, has ranged from crap to shit.

Add to that the instability of the BlackBerry [Is RIM gonna stay in business or quit?] and you get an idea of what's eating me.

The Nokia on 3 Network often can't find 3 at all. It keeps saying SIM registration failed. So I am stockpiling minutes I can only use outside my home. How useful is that?

The strange thing is that the Lebara phone I got for calling Nigeria, and also for finding out who's flashing me from Naija is the one phone that has full signal bars all the time, but with the free minutes being for Lebara-Lebara calls only, and I don't know more than 2 people on Lebara, this phone is only good for calling Nigeria. It serves no other purpose in its life.

And the son of Isuikwuato man is stuck on them bastard contracts until middle of 2013. 'Tis an ef'd-up mobile life true true. Haba mana!

O Lord won't you buy me an iPhone 5 on Vodafone, Please? All my neighbours on Vodafone don’t complain of poor signals. From all indications, I’ll have a longer mobile life eating an Apple than many Blackberries.

- Nnorom

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