Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Cat or Catfish?

He doesn’t want anyone to think he has lost his mind. It might only be a dream, but there is a school of thought that believes dreams to be the manifestation of a man’s true world. Just to be safe from unwanted questions, he writes on his Facebook page:

Does anyone here interpret dreams? Interpret this:

A man walks into a restaurant and orders a plate of white rice and fried plantains. The waitress ask him what kind of meat he would like.

"Cat" he says nonchalantly.

The waitress is perplexed. "You mean catfish?" she manages to ask.

"You asked what kind of meat I wanted. Didn’t you? Cat, please." He is now a little irritated.

"As in pussy cat?" the poor waitress asks again.

"Yes, you little witch, cat, as in pussy cat; with all the meows and whiskers. Are you deaf?".

“Oh my God!” She vomits on the restaurant floor, drops her tray and runs out of the restaurant, crying violently.

Just then the bedside alarm shrieks. He is relieved to find himself in his own bed, and not in a restaurant with tens of disgusted eyes gutting him. It is 2:00am. He gets out of bed and pats himself down with some concern. His shirt is wet through and through with sweat - on one of the coldest nights in Britain.


If your friend told you he had this dream, what would you tell him?

He puts on the kettle and waits for the interpretations to start coming through.


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