Saturday, May 01, 2010

The Blogazette This and That (May 1, 2010)

- Breaking Jack Bauer


Breaking Jack Bauer
Jack Bauer is a character that I have grown to admire for his resourcefulness and focus on results. I like Jack because whenever he fails on a mission or assignment, it would never be for lack of effort or commitment. He gives 200% all the time. In Season 8 of 24, Jack has been showing more emotion than he showed in Seasons 1 to 7. I put this down to his discovery that he is now a grandfather, to Teri, named after his late beloved wife. In Season 7, I suspected that the writers of the hit TV series were setting up Renee Walker as Jack's love interest, but it never quite happened. However in Season 8, Jack actually made a promise to Renee that he would be there for her after the crisis they were facing with IRK terrorists who were working hard to derail the peace summit brokered by US President Taylor. I waited with bated breath for the moment that Jack would cross the carnal rubicon, or at least get into a non-violent tango with the troubled spirit that was Renee. The moment came between 8am and 9am, after Jack and Renee left the scene of President Omar Hassan's matyrdom, I see Hassan as a matyr because he was a man willing to die that the world might have peace, and a man who sacrificed himself to save hundreds of thousands of American lives. His giving of himself this way was almost Christlike. The death of Hassan, and the manner of it hit Jack Bauer pretty bad, but what happened next; returning to his bachelor pad, and then having the anticipated sexual encounter with Renee, only for Renee to be gunned down by a Russian hitman, finally broke Mr Bauer. As the hour wound up with a shattered Jack weeping over the lifeless body of Renee Walker, I imagine he will be a man on a revenge mission from 9am onwards. I can't wait to see how those Russian crooks get their comeuppance.



  1. Nnorom,

    You should have put a warning on this post. Some of us have been waiting to see the entire series when it comes out on DVD.
    RIP, prof.

  2. Sorry Lola, I had no idea anyone would be that patient; waiting for the DVD.