Monday, October 19, 2009

If we were all prophets

Flash Forward on Five is pretty good drama, but with very little surprises so far. I have seen four episodes. For two minutes and seventeen seconds, the world suffers a kind of black out and the majority of people catch a glimpse of the future. Suddenly everyone plans and lives his or her life in lieu of the visions. Some people hope their visions would come true. Others are doing whatever they can to avert or change that future.

Good premise, I must say, and I am hanging on to see how the premise would eventually be proven. Something tells me though, not to mortgage 9pm to 10pm of my Mondays watching this thing because at the end the season, the makers of Flash Forward might not contrive any satisfactory denouement, but would hang our emotions out to dry on the line of television ratings, commiting us to thirst for another season.

But it is not all bad. Flash Forward gets me thinking, what if? What if I knew what would happen, say on 31st of May 2010? Would I adjust my life to embrace that event? Or would I carry on the way I am now? To be totally honest, all I really want is to have a million pounds in my bank account, so that I would not have to do a 9 to 5 kind of toiling, but rather concentrate on trying to make a proper writer and film director out of myself. If I were to be shown a lottery ticket dated May 31st 2010 with which I win a million quid, would I really carry on as I am, or would I get a loan to tide me over until that day, and in the meantime bring forward my full time writing days?

To be politically correct, I'd like to say that I would definitely carry on with my day to day grind until God or the future actually shows me the money in my account. However the way I feel, the knowledge I have that you are not really living if you are not doing what you love to do, I suspect I will take out that cash advance.

What about you? If you became a prophet. If you were to see what your life would be six months from now, what would you do?



  1. depending on what i see; if it is tragic, i'll try to avoid it by all means possible; but if it's pleasant i'll rush headlong to precipitate it...but then man no b God

  2. Man no be God, but if God shows us the future, he must want us to do something about it. That's what I think though.