Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Introducing Sentinel Nigeria

Sentinel Literary Movement of Nigeria (SLMN) is now open for business. This is the fruition of a long-held dream and has been entrusted to a young man; Richard Ugbede Ali who has been a member of Sentinel Poetry Movement since 2003. Richard understands the Sentinel mission of contributing to the development of the literatures of the world by bringing together every writer - beginner or established - in a community where they can all learn from each other, and birth powerful creative works that will outlive our generation. Richard brings on board the energy of youth and optimism and shall work with a team of his own choosing to bring his visions of a Nigeria-specific literary community to life.

From the International Administrative domain of Sentinel Poetry Movement, I will chair Richard's Executive and Editorial Boards in a supporting rather than guiding manner in other not to interfere with the his autonomy and editorial policies.

I am excited about the wealth of poetry, fiction, drama, essays, interviews, reviews and biographies that will be published in the Sentinel Nigeria - the online magazine of contemporary Nigerian writing which SLMN will publish quarterly from 31st of January 2010.

To learn more about SLMN and get involved, go to


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