Saturday, July 31, 2010

Priesthood, do I have a calling?

For nearly two decades, I have felt that somehow I might end up a priest, like my grandfather. I even imagined myself, occasionally, as a Pentecostal pastor. However after attending a few of those, while I concede that I have had pastors that truly have the anointing, I am now 100% certain that I couldn't possibly be a Pentecostal pastor.

As a Pentecostal Methodist, I worship majority of Sundays at the Trinity Methodist Church, Plumstead, and when I want that Pentecostal buzz; the uplifting praise worship, the dancing (Although I tend to sway like a big tree rocked by the winds of Harmattan, rather than dance), when I want (or need, I am not sure) that kind of worship energy, I go to Hope of Glory International Christian Centre. ( The pastors there are educated. Pastor Victor is a Lawyer and Pastor Wunmi is a Secondary School ICT Teacher. They are good people and they don't insult my intelligence.

The thing is that lately, I have been having these strong feelings that I must begin training as a Methodist Minister. These feelings have now been complicated by my wife's 100% support of the idea. I however have this voice saying to me, "you only want to do it to please your mother because she was a Methodist Lay Minister". I need a sign. Do signs still show up in the 21st Century? Speak Lord, your servant heareth!


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