Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Esiaba Irobi, one year already

It is one year already since the passing of Esiaba Irobi. It hasn't been all fun this side of existence. Eni-Jones Umuko must have given him the report in person. I hope his journey continues to be blessed.

(excerpt from Irobi's Kingdom of the Mad)

I spit upon the laws that thieves have made
To give the crooked the strength to rob the straight.
I spit upon a country so full of wealth
Yet millions wallow in squalor and in want.
I spit upon the flag that flaps like a rag
On an iron pole planted on the vision of pregnant generals.
I spit upon rabid religions that defend a hell on earth
and preach a heaven beyond this mire
I spit upon the education that turns into stenographers
A generation that could have been philosophers
visionaries and revolutionaries. Upon this whole damned
nation of mine do I spit. And while I spit, I weep.
- Esiaba Irobi

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