Sunday, November 04, 2012

Jahmene, better than Beyonce.

Last night, the Jah-mazing Jahmene Douglas nailed Beyonce’s ‘Listen’ in a version that was possibly better than the original by Jay-z’s woman.

I really wonder what the x-factor 2012 is carrying on for. James and Kye are OK but they won’t win. Rylan is big time irritation and is just there interfering with other people’s more realistic opportunities. Dudes, Jahmene is the winner already. OK, Ella is quite good, a great talent but Jahmene is a zillion major notes better. Now his mentor, Nicole, is just a pleasure to watch. Very kind on the eyes. God is truly a great artist!

Something else, I am not looking forward to tonight’s results show. Especially the nonsensical sing-off by the bottom two. Why hold a sing-off if the decisions on whom to send home will be based on (a) past performances and (b) The Judges’ own future knowledge on the act that will give more to the show. I think the person with the lowest public vote should go home. Simple.

Nnorom Azuonye

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