Sunday, August 04, 2013

Religion and us.

All the talk about how religion is bad for us, how religion is robbing us of our powers of reason, and how religion sucks us dry whilst enriching religious leaders is getting really quite boring.


Anybody who allows himself to be manipulated, brainwashed or dispossessed of his money by a religious leader or by religion itself is not vigilant enough, and would usually be chasing something other than the Kingdom of God and righteousness.


When religion is practiced the way it should be and where the true God is the focus of worship, religion like education always makes a good man better.


Next time somebody asks you to pay your tithe from your gross income rather than your net (if you must pay tithe at all) why can’t you tell him to get behind you? Next time somebody asks you to buy a gift for the already rich pastor, or give huge sums for prayers or for blessings, why can’t you tell him that the Lord does not charge a dime to set you free?


I just believe that people can still work out for themselves when religion is corrupt and when they are being deceived. Don’t blame religion. Take responsibility for your own welfare.


-          Nnorom Azuonye

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