Monday, December 19, 2005


In French “Les Lueurs Et Les Sons” means “Lights and Sounds”. I bet you didn't know that, did you?. I too did not know those words until this morning when I had a chance to read a translation of my poem “Lights and Sounds” on the Poesie Du Monde website.

Nicolas Folio and Maria Merrett are building an online anthology of world poetry in French. It was an honour to receive an invitation from Maria Merrett to have my poem featured there as the first poem from Nigeria in the anthology. The page also features a photograph “Tie & Dye Commune, Abeokuta” by Molara Wood. Although the photograph was taken in faraway Nigeria, and is not directly related to the poem, I however find the colourful image of Tie & Dye materials hung out and drying on airing lines, which are the means of livelood and the promise, or dream of fortune for the producers works well with these lines from the poem:

I hang the map on life’s line somewhere
custodian of fortune will see it.

The format, scale and ambition of poesie du monde is exciting. It is also quite different from The Other Voices International Project – an online anthology in English edited by Robert Humes at

The other voices anthology features six of my poems and poems by other Nigerian poets; Unoma Azuah, Uche Nduka, Tolu Ogunlesi and Esiaba Irobi. I can only attempt to put these two projects side by side The Argonaut's Boat – another great online showcase at I have been invited to be a poet-in-residence on the Boat, and I shall be sending materials to the Captian Argo Spier before the year runs out. Other poets on Other Voices would have received similar invitations.

If you would like your poem featured in Poesie Du Monde. Go to and see if your country has been represented. I understand from Maria that they want to have just one poet per country for now until all the countries of the world have been represented and then they would start adding more poets. If your country has not been represented and you would like to have your poem there, send me an e-mail: and I would surely connect you with Maria Merrett.

To read “Lights and Sounds” in French and English now go to click on ‘Afrique’ and then on ‘Nigeria’

Or click on the link below

Have a wonderful day.

Nnorom Azuonye

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