Friday, March 30, 2012

Letter to Arinzechukwu

My dear son,

scan0012I just want you to know that as you turn 5 years old today, 30-March-2012, you have given more joy and happiness to me than I ever thought a human being could give another in such a short time.

You have shown great intelligence and have made mummy and your sister proud with the awards you have won at school, and I know that sometimes I push you a bit more than I should because you are so tall that I often forget just how young you are. This is not a promise to stop pushing you to know and achieve more, just that I promise to remember that you are only 5.

Today will be nothing but fun. When I get you from school today, we must come home to some combat. I am not sure these guys should fight each other but I will be 4 Arms and you may be Rath if you like, but I will not let you win just because it is your birthday.

May God keep you and protect you, son, and endow you with great wisdom and a heart that loves, as you begin the journey towards your 6th birthday.

Happy Birthday ‘Rinzy Boy


Your Papa

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