Tuesday, March 13, 2012

4 things to consider when looking for a job

what do you want from work

Years ago, I read about these four questions I must ask myself before taking any job or activity. Now that I race towards junction 45, I find myself reflecting on them more everyday and beginning to think that I must apply them to every single thing I do. Everything.

Here are the questions?

#1: Will I make a lot of money from it?
#2: Will it make me famous?
#3: Will I learn something from doing it?
#4: Will I have a lot of fun?

If a job/activity will not make me rich, will not give me a name, will not teach me something that will make me a better man, better equipped to face life, and is not something I will derive a great deal of joy doing, then it is not worth a thought.

4 out of 4 is perfect, but tough to find surely.
3 out of 4 is ideal, and though tough, can be done.
2 out of 4 is acceptable but will leave me longing for more.
1 out of 4 will challenge my values. This is because I am thinking that if it came down to it that I must choose only one out of the 4, it is likely that though every fibre in me says take #1, I am very likely going to choose #3 because of all the four scenarios, this is the one that is most likely to help me build character – and character is that charm everyone needs to make meaning out of fun, fame and fortune.

Nnorom Azuonye

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