Friday, October 19, 2012

When Truth Pretends to be a Lie


It does get a little burdensome to read people talking about their intolerance of the truth all the time. Like some kind of mission statement in life. It tends to appear like posturing. "Look at me I am an honest person and I cannot stand those who are dishonest." I suspect that the best way, in my own opinion, what do I know? People ought to endeavour to lead honest lives. Live the truth as they know it. Trust me, people will notice what kind of person you are and dishonest people will not be attracted to you. Always ramming it into people all the time is just...'words'. In my 45 years on this planet, I have known so many truths and I have known so many lies. I have known so many lies that are actually truths and so many truths that are indeed lies. I have also known so many truths that pretend to be lies as there have been many lies that pretend to be truths. Every lie or truth is born of a reason or habit and is sufficient in its own purpose which may or may not satisfy those who come in contact with it.

My comment above was in response to Evelyn Ukamaka Olisakwe’s Facebook status below:

I have learned to never bother myself with those who are averse to truth, full stop. Life is too short to waste one's breath trying to prove the stark truth to them. And know this, when people begin to (deliberately) turn a blind eye to truth; when they begin to justify evil with flurry and smart words, it is an indication that they are really dangerous..

What is the truth? Is it worth a bother?


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