Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine’s Day, a short reflection


nnorom and amaka azuonyeValentine's Day was marked yesterday. For some people, it is a waste of time, for others it was just another day for indulgent sex, but for many it was a day that to show and express love for their partners and humanity in general.

Many have questioned this. Why not love all year round? Why have a special day set aside for love?

My brother, Chris Enwerem thought aloud on Facebook yesterday about that, as have others including my other brother Okey Ndibe and my sister Chinyere Isiocha. This was my message posted to Chris' wall on Valentine's Day:

"Chris, nobody needs a special day to remind his wife of his love, just like nobody needs a special day to celebrate the birth of the saviour or indeed the resurrection. However, what a day like this does is make us all stop to take stock so to say. Today, my wife said 'this is our 7th Val together.' I said yes, 7th Val as a married couple, but we had 1 Val before that, so 8 in total. Then it hit me, we've been together for just over 8 years, our love continues to thrive, we have two lovely children and a third one on the way. We have much to thank God for. Make the time, brother, take stock and praise God for all the things He has done in your lives." NOA

How many times have we had people lament, 'I lost this person and never ever told her how much I loved her.'?

You buy things for your child everyday, but do you notice how much a birthday present or a Christmas present means?

On the Children's Day we stop to reflect on the welfare of all children across the world. This should not mean we don't care for children throughout the year.

On Mother's Day we shower love and presents on all mothers. This does not mean we don't love our mothers throughout the year.

On Father's Day we appreciate all fathers. I feel honoured to be given a special appreciation on Father's Day even though my children tell me every single day that I am the best Dad in the world.

We have days set aside for poetry, for AIDS, etc, why can't we have a day set aside for the greatest thing of all? Without love nothing else we celebrate will mean anything at all.

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