Tuesday, April 19, 2011

From a village boy to Nigeria’s most powerful

Who is Goodluck Ebele Jonathan? Who is this political phenomenon who many across the country are attempting to deconstruct? Central to most of the stories on Goodluck Jonathan is the place of destiny and providence in his meteoric rise to power in Nigeria. There is talk of “unmerited favour”, “destined to supplant superiors.” The media is awash with stories of how Goodluck has always been lucky to be in the right place at the right time. The story is all over the place that Jonathan is always there to profit from the bad luck or mistakes of his superiors. We are told he is always privileged to be fortuitously positioned to step into dead men’s shoes!

This writer spoke with Femi Ajayi who has known Mr. President from his NYSC days and also dug into the archives to know the real Jonathan story. Femi Ajayi explained: “Goodluck Jonathan is not all about good fortune. Goodluck’s academic exploits, political feats, immense goodwill and extensive social networks did not come out of sheer luck and happenstance…”

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