Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Echoes of War

Starring: Anthony Akposheri, Anthony Beselle, Judy Shekoni, Siam Hurlock.
Director: Obi Emelonye
Genre: Feature Film
Sub Genre: World Cinema.
Release date: 13 February 2006
Script Development: Rommy Azuonye & Amaka Uche
Format: DVD & VHS Video
RRP: £16.99
Special Sentinel Price: £6.99 + £2.49 P&P

About the film

Echoes of War tells the emotional tale of Fatima (Judi Shekoni) and Abdul (Anthony Akposheri), a married couple who get separated during the war in Serria Loane because he tried to be a hero.

Presuming each other dead, they move on to new lives. But their eventual meeting in London 9 years later shatters the brittle peace in their respective new families.

Abdul tries to be a hero again. In the jungle of Africa, it cost him his marriage. In the urban jungle of south London, it will cost him a lost more.

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