Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Testimony of Victory

Angry and naked to my balls
I killed myself to her fires
burnt myself on her pyres
drank the cup of hope to be
beyond the range of her fangs
but she pursued me.

She pursued me like a fly
on the trail of constipated dumps
she combed markets of fellow ghouls
for swords with poisoned edges
even from her wretched coven
between the cattle market
and the dwellings of human beings
I became the lyric of her chants.

I killed myself. I cremated myself.
I expected her huge sigh to blow
my ashes beyond her arid hateful heart
but she gathered my ashes and stored
them in an urn of purest rust poo-etry
like the demonic spider she is
she cobwebbed across oceans
chewing my name like roast strips
of a long-prized game, drinking wines
imagined as my blood like virgin flow
to heal her ulcerating cancering core.

There is one problem in all this;
I am beyond the spell of a wingless owl
I spit at an owl that resorts to song
hooting curses down upon her own head
I banish her to the evil tree
I banish her and I banish her cohorts
to the hottest parts of Hades
let them hoot spell and huddle together
make and dance to hate songs there
and drink the blood of one another.

- Nnorom Azuonye

© 2006 Nnorom Azuonye

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